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Joondalup Social Sports

Explore competitive social sport at HBF Arena, with Men’s futsal, 6-a-side outdoor soccer, mixed netball and ladies netball all year round.

Social Sporting Competitions

Registrations for Season 2 are now open, with all the action kicking off from 2 July!  Register your team now 

If you’re looking for a competitive social sports competition in Perth, look no further than HBF Arena Joondalup Sporting Competitions. We foster a competitive, fun, stress-free environment where you can see your mates while getting a good mid-week run around. 

There are many benefits to playing social sports including skill development which helps improve coordination, agility, and motor skills. Increased self-esteem which can have huge mental health benefits. Such as gaining a sense of achievement for yourself and your team, as well as positive reinforcement and recognition from teammates, umpires, and other participants of our social sports group 

What we love the most is how beneficial it is to create healthy lifestyle habits. Engaging in social sports at HBF Arena encourages you to maintain your fitness while catching up with your mates and establishing long-term habits of regular exercise.  


Aside from sharing a laugh and keeping fit, here are some other great reasons you should join our competition.

  • No registration fee (one free trial game for new teams)

  • Variety of grades to suit all skill levels

  • Team members receive 1 month universal gym membership free

  • Three seasons per year

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Joondalup Mixed Netball

There are two indoor netball competitions that are part of social sports at HBF Arena, Joondalup. Mixed Netball runs continuously through the year split into three seasons, while our Ladies Netball competition is aligned to the school terms on Friday mornings when you can also access our creche for the little ones. 

Held indoors on our refurbished multi-purpose courts, our competition boasts a variety of grades to suit the skilled and more social players. Click here to check out the competition details, including season dates. 

If you're new to the competition and looking to join a team, we'd love for you to connect with some of players via the Sporting Competitions Facebook Group. Join the community now!

For more information on our Social Netball Competition, click here. Or if you're ready to register your team, hit the button below.

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HBF Arena Cup

Joondalup Futsal and Soccer

Joondalup Futsal and Soccer at HBF Arena is social competition that currently services Perth's Northern Suburbs.

Held on our indoor multipurpose sports courts, we have a 5-aside futsal competition that runs all year round, comprising of three seasons. This competition is help on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with a variety of grades to suit various skill levels. 

We also have an outdoor competition that is 6-aside and played over the summer months, maximising daylight and beautiful sunsets over the blue astro turf. Arena Cup is loved by all teams and is one of our most popular social sports at HBF Arena.

If you are new to social sports at HBF Arena and looking to join a team, check out our Facebook Group here, where you can connect with teams looking for players. Or for more competition information, click here

If you are ready to register your team, click the button below. 

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